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IoT, embedded systems i 3D printers

We design and develop embedded systems based on Arduino compatible platforms, Internet of Things (IoT) projects and 3D printers for home and office.

Our projects are open source and open hardware based - we build upon existing knowledge and effort, and when our project reaches certain level of maturity we give it back to open source/hardware community.

DIYkits - makers friendly web shop

Not being a miser, we offer all of the toys (and some more) that we use in our projects to all the makers and inventors out there at our DIYkits.eu web shop. Some of our (un)finished projects can be found there too ;-)

Aside from a number of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Adafruit and RepRap products, we are happy to offer a piece of advice - and we'll not charge you for it, just learning about your projects and ideas is reward enough for us.

IT and other services

Among the other things we do, we offer development services (Java applications and Arduino projects), installation and system administration of Linux servers and PostgreSQL DBMS, IT security testing, 3D print workshops, 3D print services, 3D modelling and many other - feel free to contact us about it.

We have many years of expirience in these fields, but always want to learn something new - our services can go way beyond the list above.


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DIY kit


DIY kit


DIY kit